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Astonishing Bible Truths – Zev Porat & Lyn Leahz

Lyn – Hi. It’s Lyn Leahz, and I have Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat with us tonight. Welcome Zev, it’s great to have you.

Zev – Shalom Lyn. Always a blessing to be here.

Lyn – I’m going to ask you some questions tonight, not to put you on the spot, but I’ve been wanting to ask you this. Alright. So, I see pictures on the internet of you, and you have the Yarmulke on, but then I noticed whenever we record, you don’t have the Yarmulke on. So, how come you don’t wear the Yarmulke when we record, but you wear it in some of your pictures that are online?

Zev – Well, that’s a really good question Lyn. In fact, it’s a question that I have to answer every month, cause I get a lot emails of people around the world asking me that question. And the answer is the Yarmulke or the Kippah in Hebrew is not in the Bible; it’s not in the word of God. It’s something that was given by tradition, by the Rabbis, so somehow many Jews, even believing Jews think that in order to identify yourself as a Jew, you need to wear a Yarmulke or a Kippah in order to be what I call being ‘politically correct’, but I don’t do that because it’s not in the written word of God. When I was an Orthodox Jew, of course I wore a Kippah all my life, and I really thought that if you’re not wearing a Kippah, God is going to be angry with you, but that is not the sign of the Jews, that is the sign of rabbinical Judaism, not biblical foundation of the bible. Jesus didn’t wear a Kippah. That’s for sure. We have no record of that anywhere in the written word of God. So, the question is why do I wear a Yarmulke sometimes if it’s not in the bible? And the answer is going to be found in the book of 1st Corinthians 9:20, and I would ask you sister Lyn to read from the King James Version.

Lyn – Okay. And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law. (1 Corinthians 9:20)

Zev – So first I’m going to say it in simple English what Paul is saying, and then we are going to break down the bible verse to see what God is trying to tell us. What Paul is saying is I am preaching the gospel. I was once a Pharisee, I was once part of the Sanhedrin, I know where they’re coming from. If I go to witness to them not wearing a Yarmulke or not speaking the language they understand, I am not going to be able to preach the gospel; the door is going to be closed. So, to the Jew, I’m a Jew and to the Gentile, I’m a Gentile. You won’t be able to open the word of God with them. But, we read something very interesting in the passage here— where it actually says ‘though I am like under the law’, and some have abused this Bible verse to say that we are not under the law because Paul just said he is not under the law, but he became like under the law. Well, I’ll explain what that means: we have two set of groups reading the Bible, we have more but two main sets of groups; one are believers like you and I; we have the Holy Spirit, praise Yeshua, and other ones are Jews who don’t have the Holy Spirit who invented religion, rules, regulations, the Kippah, the Yarmulke is one of them, not eating milk and meat is another one of them; it’s not what the bible says, and many other kind of regulations that are not in the word of God. Paul knew this because he was once on their side, he now had a Damascus experience, he is now a believer in Yeshua, he’s looking at them from the outside, understanding where they are coming from, and he’s saying I have to behave like they are behaving under their Rabbinic rituals, not in order to partake with them, but in order to be a witness to them, in order to try to bring them into Moshiach (the Messiah Yeshua). And that’s what he means when he said “I am behaving like one under the law, but I am not under the law”. He means he is not under their interpretation of the law, he is under the law which is the Torah (the written word of God) under Yeshua Hamashiach (under Jesus), not under religion. And that’s what he is speaking about, because if you seem to read the Bible verse and you don’t understand the culture, you think “okay, wait a minute. I have the biblical grounds here to say that I don’t have to abide in the word of God anymore. I’m under grace because Paul said he is not under the Torah.” That is not what Paul said. Paul said I am not under the Torah like them, but I am behaving like them, and that is why he wears a Kippah. That would be I don’t have to wear a Kippah would be an example. And that is why he wears a Kippah in order to be a witness to them.

But also, this Bible verse has to be very clear. You cannot compromise the word of God. So, when you do this, there has to be a biblical balance. The word of God has to be first, the kingdom has to be first. We can’t grieve the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit gives us an opportunity; allows us— to the Jew, I was a Jew and to the Gentile, I was a Gentile to preach the gospel. Does that make sense?

Lyn – Yes. And, I mean, to put it in plain English for example, for those of you out there listening, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if you are trying to witness to a group of non-Yeshua believing Jews if they were sitting at a table, and you would not want to bring them a big, huge plate of bacon with no Yarmulke on, they probably would not receive you very well and you might be covered in bacon. No, they probably wouldn’t touch it, they will probably run and curse you, and [laugh] so, that is kind of what you are saying.

Zev – Yeah. And I’ve been asked. I was in a conference in Asia, and I had the opportunity by the grace of Yeshua (Jesus) to preach to a large group for a few days, and they had invited a Messianic Jew to come towards the end to meet me. And he walks in with his beard and a Yarmulke on. And obviously, everybody knows he’s a Jew, right? He walks right in and he meet me after, and he speaks to me in Hebrew. He is pretty good in Hebrew, and he asked me in Hebrew so no one really understood what he’s asking, and he said “Zav, where is your Kippah, where is your Yarmulke?” And I look at him, and I said “it died in the baptism”. You don’t want to be offensive to people, the gospel is all about love, but I have said it before and I will say it again: you cannot love people over righteousness, the truth has to be preached. And maybe God had him ask me that question in order for me to give him that answer, because I would never go to him and say you shouldn’t be wearing that Kippah. I will just pray for him and let the Holy Spirit show him that, but because he asked me the question, God enabled me to answer him and my understanding is right now, he wrote me back several months later and he’s taken the Kippah off, the Yarmulke off. So God spoke to him. That was amazing. And again, you’ll see me witnessing to Jews with a Kippah because I’m doing what Paul did— to the Jews, I was a Jew, to the Greek, I was a Greek. When I teach in my congregation, or I’m on video like with you right now, or I go to a conference, you are not going to see me wear a Kippah, because I don’t want to be a stumbling block. If I wear a Kippah right now, what is my message? — That every Bible believing Christian that’s grafted into spiritual Israel needs to start wearing a Kippah. That is my message, that is what I’m conveying to people, and that is wrong.

Lyn – Okay. So, what is the secret? How do the Jews keep that Yarmulke stuck to their head? I mean they don’t use like velcro or super glue or anything like that. Do they do anything special? It’s like so tiny. How do they keep it on their head?

Zev – There is three answers to that. Number one, they use a bobby pin. I think that is what it’s called— a bobby pin, right? Or they just have a very big Yarmulke where they can hang it so it sits on the head good, or some of them who just have a very big head so it doesn’t move.

Lyn – Yeah. If the head was too big, you would think it will just fall off, like pop off you know, or the wind would blow. I was just curious, it was one of those dumb curiosities I guess.

Zev – You know, we’re doing the Tour in 2019; you and I— the footprints tour, the Yeshua’s footprint. And we’re going to be going to into the Kotel, the Western Wall, and when you go into the Kotel, on the men side, because it’s divided men and women, we respect them, not that we believe that that’s what we’re supposed to do, but we are not going to take a bunch of women and barge into the men’s section and be respectful to them. You’ll see that they actually require you to wear a Yarmulke or a Kippah. There is a big box in the entrance of the Kotel, and then you have to take a Yarmulke and put it on. And what’s interesting is they know that people are Christians, or they know that people are from other nations or other religions, and they still require them to wear the Yarmulke. And I confronted some of the Rabbis in the Kotel area about that and I said “you say on one side that Jews are the ones who are supposed to be following the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You say that Christians are supposed to be Christians, Hindus are supposed to be Hindus, and yet you require them when they come here to wear a Kippah when you don’t even want them to convert to be Jews. Why is that?” And they are stunned by my question. It’s a good question. Most of the answers we get is, “because we can’t start checking who is Jewish and who is not, so everybody has to wear the Yarmulke.” So basically, they want to be politically correct. They’ll see me wearing the Yarmulke because I am being respectful to the area doesn’t mean that I agree with the Yarmulke.

Lyn – So, that is the answer to the question of the hour, and everybody is wanting to know. In fact, it was going to be released on the breaking news, so now we have caught it first here about how comes Messianic Rabi Zev Porat Does not wear a Yarmulke on our videos. I just want to make sure you weren’t being sneaky, you know. Because I see the pictures of you with the Yarmulke, and then you are not wearing the Yarmulke here, so I needed to find out

Zev – Well, I can tell you Lyn, if I wore it in Israel, It’s indiscrete, and I do event and witnessing, okay? And I’m wearing a Yarmulke, then every single person in the street is going to assume that I am a Jew like him, okay? That is fine, but is that going to draw in the gospel? The answer is no because there is many Jews walking around just with the Kippah; it is not unique. What I like to do sometimes, and I don’t do it all the time, is sometimes I would wear a prayer shawl which is a tallit. And by the way Jesus wore a prayer shawl, but again the prayer shawl is not a salvation issue, you don’t need to wear it, but you could wear it. If you want to do something that is biblical, then do, is wear a prayer shawl— that is biblical.

Lyn – Yeah. Like in the book of Psalms, it says under his wings— it’s talking about the prayer shawl. What is it? Tallit, that hang off of it, and when the women touched the hem of his garment, she was touching his tallit I believe.

Zev – Yes. She was, and we’re going to be going there, to Capernaum where that happened, where the hometown of Jesus is, and We are going to see the head of the synagogue, where he asked his twelve year old daughter to be healed, and we know what happened is Jesus is actually on his way to heal the 12 year old daughter, and that’s when the woman with the 12-year blood disease captures the hem of his garment which is the tallit. So we know that Jesus wore a tallit, but we notice the tallit doesn’t have any power in it. Jesus said I felt power when somebody touched me, and the power came out of me, it didn’t come out of the prayer shawl. So we are not going to sell prayer shawls and say that it has some kind of anointing on it. If you want to buy a prayer shawl, that is fine, but the anointing comes from the Holy Spirit.

Back to our subject. So what I do in Israel sometimes is I would wear a prayer shawl, walk around the streets of Israel with the group and a Bible in my hand and not wearing Yarmulke. And then Jews will come up to me, even non-orthodox Jews and say “why are you wearing a tallit, you’re not wearing your Kippah? What is this?” They would come to you and ask you that, and I would answer them and say, “Well because the tallit is in the Bible, and the Kippah is not.” And this would open the door for the gospel, and I can’t do that in an Orthodox city in Israel, that would be a stoning offence, but I can do it in a secular city like Tel Aviv or like in Ashdod where you have a lot of secular people walking in the street, and we do that sometimes and it attract people like magnets to the gospel, but if I would do it the other way around, and I’d be wearing a prayer shawl, wearing a keeper, they would not come to me because I’ll just be like another Jew; nothing to ask me. So actually, truth is what opens the gospel.

Lyn – So, if you did that in a different city that was not as liberal, they would potentially stone you?

Zev – You need to understand, Israel or the Sanhedrin or the rabbinic movement in Israel are very dangerous when it comes to the gospel. Now, they are not dangerous to Christians; you have no danger coming to Israel. the problem begins when a Jew who believes in Yeshua, in Jesus, start to proclaim the gospel, walks into their territory and preachers Yeshua, they can get very very upset and you can understand what Paul, what Yeshua had to go through. I’m talking about stoning offences, that sounds like to 2 to 3000 years ago exactly. And, I’m not sure if they will use a stone or use a gun or use a bottle of whiskey to throw at you, but they’ll throw something at you and they’ll get violent. And this is the reason why we have organizations coming to Israel, and there is many organizations that will not step into Mea She’arim, which is the Hundred Gates in Jerusalem. They will not step into the city where I grew up in; the Orthodox city and preach the gospel there because they know if you walk in there, and you are wearing a t-shirt that says Jesus or you’re going in there with the new testament, you may be able to go in, but you may not come out.

Lyn – Back to some other things you were talking about. So, that’s good to know because we are going to be doing this tour next year: the Yeshua’s footprint 2019 Israel tour, and I’m excited and I’ve received quite a few emails from people who are really looking forward to it, and I’m sure that some people are going to be excited that they don’t have to wear a Yarmulke, especially us ladies, not that ladies wear Yarmulkes anyways. Well, I don’t think they do. It’s going to be a great time. I am excited because I have never ever been to Israel ever.

Zev – It’s a dress rehearsal to the New Jerusalem. So, I think that whoever has the opportunity to come should make the time to come. I know people, there are various reasons why people have obstacles to come; some have children, others have financial difficulties, others cannot leave their job, but I believe that people always people find the time to go on vacation, so this is more than a vacation. This is physical vacation, but it is a spiritual dress rehearsal for the new heavens, new earth, New Jerusalem, and I think people should make an effort to come. And I think your life would be transformed. I think it’s important to come to Israel to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, of Yeshua, and again to walk really in his footsteps and really understand like books we’re right now, the book of Corinthians where I just spoke about to understand the culture from a biblical standpoint, and to know how to pray for Israel, and to know how to be a witness to Israel, but also know how to present the gospel to your community and it doesn’t matter where you are; if you’re working in a worldly company or you’re a house mother or a grandmother or a university student, it really doesn’t matter. Whoever God has positioned you to be, you are to be a light, and the more you know about Israel, about the end times, about the biblical Hebrew foundation, the more you can be a light.

Lyn – You know, I think of all the places that people go here for instance in the United States of America, every American tries to go to Washington DC at least once in their life because it’s where important events for this nation, particularly Virginia, West Virginia and that whole area, it’s where important events for this nation take place, so many Americans, not all necessarily, prioritize going to Washington DC and taking their children because it’s history, so it’s very patriotic. I think those of us Christians, you know, there’s biblical history. So I think those of us who are Christians, that should be important to at least go to Israel one time in your life. You know, of course we are going to spend all of eternity there when the new Jerusalem comes down, but in this life time, even more important than being patriotic. I mean, everything that our founding fathers did here in this nation, many of them weren’t real Christians anyways, they were freemasons, but what they did will not last forever; it’s not going to be forever, it’s really of no significance to our eternity what they did, it’s only significant to our temporal life here that we have. But, God is God of all, he has always been and forever will be. He is our creator; He made us, and Jesus Yeshua walked there in Israel. Everything that is significant spiritually and historically took place in Israel and over in that area, so I think that it should be a priority for all of us to at least one time go and visit Israel. Israel is God’s land and it’s where it all started. So, I mean, it’s even deeper than that. But, I was just here thinking about how patriotic people prioritize taking the family to Washington DC to see the capital and the white house and the monument and everything else because it’s important, yet we don’t really prioritize the things of spiritual nature which are even more real and more relevant because it has to do with God the creator, Yeshua and our eternity.

Zev – Amen. And we’re not coming against anybody who is visiting Washington. I was invited to preach a message in the church in Washington, so I was there and I can tell you it’s not a cheap place, it’s quite expensive to be over there. So, I’m just saying if people can as you’re saying, make it over there, they can definitely make it to Israel, it’s about priority, it’s about prayer. And also, pray to God, if God wants you to go there, He will make a way.

Lyn – Yeah. And I want you guys to know that I’m not coming… I’ve been to Washington DC, we took a family trip there when I was younger. So I’m not putting any body down about that, I’m trying to draw a comparison that if we prioritize that, how much more then should we prioritize visiting the place that is of super, or I should say superior history spiritually speaking, where it all started. So that is what I was trying to say.

Zev – You know, we were in the Mount of Olives a few weeks ago, and we are standing on the Mount of Olives, and if you look down from the Mount of Olives, you’ll see there is a big cemetery there. There is a lot of Orthodox Jews that go to visit their loved ones in that cemetery. And we were doing worship on the Mount of Olives, and during the worship, everybody worshipped you know, some people blow the Shofar, some people raise their hands, some people sing, everybody worships God in a way that he wants to worship. And, they were blowing the Shofar, and this two Orthodox Jews under the Mount of Olives are looking up at us like this, cause they’re hearing the Shofar, “what is this?” And they are seeing a bunch of people from the nations and Jews together blowing the Shofar, and they were getting really provoked. I mean this is what Paul spoke about— Romans 11:11: to provoke the Jews to jealousy, this is exactly what happened over here. And, they were just looking at us, and they didn’t say anything, but I think they were fascinated on one side that we love the lord so much that we can do this; that we are not ashamed, but I think they were also provoked on the other side. We got some of this on camera. I kind of would like you to post it on YouTube right now because maybe those people go visit the place all the time, and I’m not sure that I am going to publish it. But, I’ll tell you what: in this tour, when people come, I will show that video to encourage the people when they do go to the Mount of Olives for praying in the name of Yeshua, because the Jews are listening, they are listening. It’s so important that the gospel gets out and there’s so many ways for the gospel to get out and to provoke those Jews to jealousy. So, I’m just thinking about the Mount of Olives as just speaking, it’s something you won’t experience anywhere else in the world.

Lyn – Yeah. We’re going to be doing… you know, aside from visiting all these awesome historical places that Yeshua himself walked, we’re also going to be doing a number of other things and I’m not naming all of it, but there is the breaking of the bread the way Yeshua did it, we are going to be anointing with oil and we are going to be having kind of like a combination of just worship combined with kind of like a conference mixed with worship and teaching, so there’s going to be that. We’re going to eat together, pray together, worship together, visit the holy places together and there’s just a lot of exciting things were going to do, and you said yourself there’s even things that aren’t on the brochure because the Lord spoke it to you after the brochure was already published. Is that correct Zev?

Zev – There are things that are not on the brochure, there are things the Lord is going to add to the brochure. Until April, more things are going to be added to this brochure, and this is not, I may have said it as a joke, but I’m not joking. I’ve already informed the hotels and everybody: our dinner time is unknown, we will eat dinner when God says we eat dinner, and the hotel will have to meet our accommodations and they agree. We are not going to say we are coming back at 5 o’clock, that we’re coming back by six. If the Holy Spirit is working, we continue.

Lyn – I know. I think that everybody should have an outlined schedule— that’s important, so that you have some structure, but I think that at the same time, they need to be leniency on that because you need to allow for the Holy Spirit to move. So, let’s say oh gosh, at 5 o’clock we have this other things schedule, but at 4:50 the Holy Spirit is moving and people are praying, and you know it’s just really going good. I don’t think anybody is going to look at the watch, and say “it’s 5 o’clock, we have to stop now”. No, you never want to stop or hinder the move of the Holy Spirit, that’s for sure.

Zev – Right. Again, a brochure is good, a time is good, everything is good. We are going to move by the Holy Spirit, we are going to let people experience the Holy Spirit, we are going to let people experience breakthrough, and I know that there is a lot of believers around the world that are planning to come to the tour and have a lot of questions. We’re going to even have special sessions where we are going to try to answer questions and study the word of God, understand the word of God. There is going to be a supernatural breakthrough. Each one of us here is going to learn from the tour, is going to learn from God is going to learn from the Holy Spirit, including you and I. No matter how much we learn, we realize how much we need to learn more.

Lyn – Even though both of us are hosting it, there are some things that you are planning on doing that are surprises that you haven’t even shared with me, so for those of you watching don’t feel left out completely because he hasn’t told me some things either, it’s all going to be a surprise.

Zev – One thing is certain Lyn, whatever people reading that brochure, there are going to get a lot more.

Lyn – Oh, I know it. I know for sure, cause I know you and I know the Holy Spirit and I know what God does, so I know.

Zev – It’s like you and I said we’re going to record for seven minutes. Okay. We have a plan to record for 7 to 10 minutes, we end up recording 20 to 25 minutes. I mean, it’s all about the Holy Spirit, we can’t time the Holy Spirit.

Lyn – That’s right.

Zev – We tried to keep everything in order but God has kingdom order.

Lyn – Amen. That is exactly right, He sure does, and we never put God on our time plug, He has his own set of time. So, I just want all of you out there watching, I know many of you have written and said you just can’t right now for whatever reason, and I got to put a guilt trip on you if you can’t, but I really hope those of you out there watching can join us for this tour and it’s going to be exciting. The links are going to be posted right below this video on the YouTube channel; in the comments pinned to the top and in the video description, and you can go and find out the details except for the things that Zev is keeping secret for now, you won’t find out about that— that will not be on the brochure, but you can find out the details and then you can also click the link in the description, circled in yellow at the top for everyone to see, but that will take you to where you can sign up and register. So, I just am so excited to meet all of you Israel personally and worship with all of you and just see all these wonderful exciting things that many of us all of our lives have only read about, visualized or seen in movies. I don’t even know if the ones we see in movies are the real deals, it’s probably a set, but I’m excited and I’m very excited Zev, and I know you are too, especially in the days in which we are living. Here we are in the 70th year, and it’s just going to be an awesome experience to say the least.

Zev – You mentioned the 70th year, prophetically, and we understand what that means: we are getting closer and closer to the second coming of Yeshua. But, I am going to release something that is not on the brochure right now. Every program will be releasing another thing or another aspect of the tour, another teaching and as I was praying to God and I was saying okay God the 70th year, what do you want us to do unique in this 70th year? And God said, “I am the one who ordained everything, I am the one who has the spiritual army, but there is also a physical army in Israel, and that physical army has been doing wonderful ground work.” Yes, the Holy Spirit is activated behind them, even if they don’t know they are not believers, God is the one that is protecting Israel.

We know 1967 in the 6-day war when Jerusalem became regained back 70 years ago. We’re exactly in the 70th year right now. What happened? Guerrilla fighters from Syria said “we don’t know what happened. We were about to defeat Israel, and a light blinded us.” We know what that light is: it is the Shekinah Glory that blinded them and then Israel just took over. So, yes, Israel is being protected by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. “No one can touch Israel” thus says the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But having said that, God is using the idea of the Israeli army, and I think it’s so important and it would be wonderful that in this tour, we are going to visit the IDF. To be in Israel, in the footsteps of Yeshua, to understand that the embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a God thing. God ordained it, God named it. And now, to be able to go to the IDF soldiers in Israel and say toda raba (say thank you), to be a witness to them, to pour out the love of Yeshua Hamashiach, that’s something very important. And this is another add-on the brochure, we are going to keep on adding things. This tour is going to be an unforgettable, lifetime, supernatural change.

Lyn – Amen. I’m excited, I had no idea. That will be fun. You know, because you have God’s guardian army and then you’ve got the Israeli army, and we know that God does watch over and protect his nation and his people. And, I’m just telling you, I just hope that it comes quickly because I can’t wait, I can’t wait for when we all get to get together in Israel and worship together and pray together, and I’m also looking forward to more of your surprises. I like things like that that’s exciting. You know, just go up and say thank you to the soldiers, and that is a great example because it shows appreciation and it shows your humility, and I think that’s a great idea.

Zev – And we’re going into an army base. I’ve already organized everything; we’ll we going into an Israeli army base, I’ve got all the clearance, all the security issues are ready. And because you know, praise God, I do have connections in Israel, and why not use the connections for the kingdom?

Lyn – An army base?

Zev –  Absolutely. We’re going into an Israeli army base with the tour.

Lyn – Oh, that will be exciting, that will be fun. Wow. So, you guys out there realize seriously, I didn’t know about any of this so, if I kind of look stunned, that’s why. Yeah. Well, thank you for doing that. That will be really interesting. And if we think about going to all these historical places, but we always see the IDF soldiers in the news and pictures of them, and we see these different things that you’re talking about in the news, and then we’ll actually get to go there physically and experience it. Well thank you. I can’t wait.

Zev – Not only that. For those who want, one of the evenings that we will do meetings, we are not going to be evening, but most of the evenings we are going to meet, we are going to study some songs in Hebrew and when you will go to the IDF soldiers, we are going to sing to them in Hebrew and be a partaker of their culture in order to preach the gospel.

Lyn – Wow. Well, I hope it’s like a one sentence song. [laugh] If I have to learn it, I already mispronounce things in English, I’ll probably kill it, then they’ll probably be like what is this woman saying? They’ll probably laugh at me.

Zev – No, it will be nice. Praise Yeshua. We’ll keep on adding more things. They’ll also be a special surprise coming to the conference that will really excite the people. This is probably the only tour that gives more than the resources.

Lyn – Yeah. Because most tours I’m aware of, just from what I’ve read. I haven’t been to one, but just from what I’ve heard people talk about who have been, its just strictly eating together, going to the sites, and maybe some teaching and preaching, eat again and then go back to your hotel and do whatever and going to bed. They don’t do all this extra stuff like what you’re talking about.

Zev – We give all the glory to Jesus Yeshua. God told me and we prayed about this together when we were praying about this together, that this is going to be a God tour. I mean, it’s all about Jesus, it’s all about Yeshua. He is the real hosts, the Holy Spirit is hosting this tour.

Lyn – There is just something from what I have heard and from what you’ve said too Zev, there is just something very deeply spiritual, an experience that people say they’ve had that is incomparable to anything else. I have had a lot of people who have been to Israel tell me this. I can’t even tell you how many. There is something about going there and being present in all this places where Yeshua has been, where biblical history took place, and then worshipping and just being there. And the people who have told me this say it’s a feeling and an experience that they cannot even begin to totally explain.

Zev – Absolutely. And it works both ways. Praise God, our ministry had the opportunity to open over, or to help establish over 100 congregations in China and Asia and the underground churches. And, a lot of these people come to Israel; prayer warriors and people that pray 20 hours a day in China, I’m talking about prayer warriors, and they come to Israel and they land in the airport, and they are praying, and they say, “Zev, there is something here, there is something here, I can’t pray like I pray in China. There is a blockage, there is something, I feel suppressed, I feel something”. It’s the demonic spirit going crazy because he knows everything is about Israel, he know it started in Israel, he knows it’s going to end in Israel. And even prayer intercessors, that that’s what they do 24/7, feel in Israel the spiritual warfare. Having said that, it’s good, why? Because we know this is the place, and if there is so much spiritual warfare even for intercessors, how much more of a breakthrough is there going to be? Yes you can experience Jesus in Alabama, you could experience him a New York, you could have the power of the Holy Spirit there, but there is something here in Israel; in the land where Jesus walked that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world and it’s a dress rehearsal for the new heavens, new earth and New Jerusalem.

Lyn – Amen. Glory to God. I can’t wait. Well, before we end the show here, I just feel like maybe we should say a quick prayer. Feel like it will be important we haven’t done that a lot.

Zev – Well, my sister, if you would lead us in prayer, then I just feel led by the Holy Spirit to pray Numbers 6:24-26 after you would pray, because really Numbers 6:24 which is the priestly blessing, is the blessing that you and I inherit as new covernant believers, whether you’re from the nations or from Israel, it doesn’t matter. The one new man Ephesians 2:15; is our inheritance as we enter into the commonwealth of Israel. And I think it’s an important blessing that I want to bless the people with. The blessing is not coming from me, the one praying it is just the mediator; the blessing is coming from the heavenly realm. When you read the blessing in Hebrew, it’s not a couple blessing, it’s an individual blessing. God is coming to each one of you and easing you one by one. So, if you would lead us in prayer, then I would end with the priestly blessing. That would be an honour to bless you.

Lyn – Alright. Our Father God, in the name of Yeshua Jesus, I just thank you and praise you that everyone out there is just blessed. I know that there are people in the sound of our voices that are struggling with things, they have decisions to make, they have hurts, they have worries, they are stresses, and I just want to pray for all of those people that you would touch them in a supernatural way and bless them and just give them hope Father as they go through these various storms that they are going through and just be with them. And Lord, while we know that you are with them, let them know. Just give them some special confirmation, or just a hug; a spiritual hug or something Father, because so many people out there need it right now. There are so many people who feel alone, there are hurting, and I just pray for the power of your Holy Spirit to come down upon them and make a difference in their life. And Father, I just thank you for this Israel tour that you have led Zev and I to host and to get started. Father I know that there is just going to be blessing after blessing in this Father because you have organized this, you have laid it on our heart. Actually you laid it on Zev’s heart some time ago and he came to me. Lord I just thank you and praise you that people will be able to come that think that they can’t come. That there are people out there maybe they have some financial issues, that you just begin to open up the floodgates of heaven for their finances Father, because the wealth of the world is stored up for the righteous, and I just thank you and praise you that you would just begin to pour out your blessing upon all of us and make a way for everyone to go. I just thank you and give you praise in the name of Yeshua Jesus.

Zev – Amen. Hallelujah. Abba father we just thank you, we lift up your name as the King of kings and Lord of lords. Abba father we know that you are our high priest and therefore we inherit the blessing of the priest, and we know that you are blessing each one of us individuals. May all those listening now, later and around the world be blessed by this blessing which is the inheritance that you’ve given us by shedding your blood in Yerushalayim (in Jerusalem), dying on the cross for our sins and rising on the third day. May your name be glorified and lifted. Numbers 6:24-26: the lord bless you, and the lord keep you: the lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you: the lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace in the mighty name of Jesus Yeshua we pray. Amen.

Lyn – Amen. Thank you Zev for doing that and thank you to all of you out there for all of your love and prayers and your support, and we really appreciate you and appreciate your love and prayers. The Lord was speaking to me today and he said, “You need to pray more”. And he also told me “you are not praying in the spirit enough either” and I said well, “Father I talk to you all the time”. He said, “Well, that’s fellowshipping, that is fellowship with me; that is not the same”. And he said, “you know what I mean, don’t play stupid”. That is what he said. And I said “okay. I guess I know what you are talking about”. He says “there is no guess about it”. This is in my mind thinking you know, I didn’t have a burning bush experience. But so, he meant when I get down on my hands and knees so to speak and humble myself before him. I’m not saying you have to get down on your hands and knees to pray, but that does move God. If you remember king David use to lay completely flat on his stomach before God. It shows complete humility and moves him. So He explained to me by getting down on my hands and knees and taking time out where I totally clear my mind of everything; “be still and know that I am God” so to speak. So, I clear my mind off everything and I don’t have any distractions and I just totally focused my mind on God, and while I’m doing so, I pray and I just pray earnestly with my heart, devoting that time strictly to God. And I understand what he meant about the other type of praying that I do— fellowshipping; you know, I’m doing other things, I’m not totally… what’s the word Zev? I’m not just totally concentrating on God completely when I’m just fellowshipping with him. I’m driving and talking to him, cooking dinner and talking to him, cleaning and talking to him which I haven’t been doing very much of lately, I need to clean the house especially getting ready to leave town. But, you know, whatever you are doing throughout your day, that is a different type of prayer; that is more of a fellowship type of thing.

So, I want to share this with all of you out there watching because maybe the same is true with you. Our lifestyles are so utterly, amazingly busy that we barely have time to do just normal things we have to do to take care of ourselves, like brush our hair or brush our teeth or whatever. I mean, when we do it’s like hurry hurry hurry. So, let’s all try to concentrate on just taking extra time out every day. Let’s commit to taking time every day, at least, at the bare minimum 15 minutes if you can to just getting on your hands and knees before the Lord and removing anything that would distract you, and then as you allow the holy spirit to lead you in your prayer, you’ll find out you look out for the clock and “wow, I’ve been praying for 45 minutes to an hour, I had no idea it’s been that long.”

And then, also, when you are praying take some time to pause and allow God to speak. And sometimes, His silence is a way in which he speaks; I remember that. That was just one final thought I wanted to share with everybody. I know this video is getting a little bit long here, but, I just felt led to share that. Zev do you have anything to share before we close the video?

Zev – As I’m listening to you Lyn, I’m saying wow, God is just speaking to me and He’s saying you know, “I want to bless my people. I want to bless my people now and I want to place them for eternity” but he has to be done God’s way. Seek first the kingdom of heaven in prayer, in fellowship that you’re speaking is an important factor in the life of a godly man and a godly woman. And I’m thinking about the Bible verse in Deuteronomy 28:2 where it says, all of these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the lord your God but that word a company is not a word in Hebrew. In Hebrew, it says “all these blessings will come on you and chase you”. How would you like the Bible that the blessings of God chasing you, but that’s what the bible says, that if you obey God, if you fellowship with him, if you seek the kingdom of heaven, if you dine beside Yeshua daily, if you have a prayer life, then all the blessings of God will not only come upon you, will not only accompany you, but the Bible says that they will chase you. I don’t know about you, but I want God’s blessings chasing me. Some people have the devil chasing them. I want God’s blessing chasing me.

Lyn – Amen. Me too. I wouldn’t mind that you know. That’ll be awesome to have that experience. It seems like many of us sometimes feel like we’ve got Satan’s troops are chasing after us 24/7, so I think it will be awesome to just have Satan and his troops utterly cast down and destroyed, and have God’s army chasing me. That will be wonderful.

Zev – Amen. Deuteronomy 28:2, good Bible verse to ponder on.

Lyn – Amen. Well, everyone out today watching, thank you so much and please do your part to help by sharing this video everywhere that you can share it. It’s very simple; you just click share, copy the link and post it on social media, and ask for others to share it when you share it. So, help share this video with others because there is people out there who are supposed to go to this, and they need to hear about it, so help to share this video. Pray for us as we pray for you, and you can visit our website. Zev’s website is messiahofisraelministries.org. Mine is freedomnationnews.com. All of the links will be posted right below the video in the video description, and it will also be in the comments pinned to the top. And just come to Israel. Come to this Israel tour: Yeshua’s footprints, it’s going to be so awesome. God bless all of you. Thank you so much. And thank you Zev for being on the show.

Zev – Thank you Lyn. God bless each one of you here, and remember in Hebrew we say: Israel lives forever, and it really does through Yeshua.

Lyn – Amen. Thank you Zev. Thank you and God bless all of you.