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Gay Parade in Tel Aviv. Lord Help Israel!!!

Over 200,000 people attended the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv. An abomination to the Written Word of God. Six full streets were closed off by city officials to sponsor this event.

It was very sad see to young men, women, some in their mid-50s, performing despicable gay acts in public.

Children were watching and being told that was OK. Parents were standing saying their son or daughter were gay, so what.

Messiah of Israel Ministries’ team was reaching out to people desecrating the Holy Land at the gay pride parade in Tel Aviv.

Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat expressed God’s love but also His justice. In the middle of the parade there were people dancing: “We were born this way and proud…” There was even full of people claiming to be religious and gay.

As Zev shared the Gospel, he began to cry because of what he was witnessing. Some of the people noticed and asked him why he was upset. He told them that he wept because the wrath of God was upon them for the lifestyle they had chosen. He also lamented for the Jewish State because it supported this abomination. He cried out, “God is weeping through me and you will be condemned for this terrible sin unless you repent!”

Many were touched by Zev’s and the other believer’s sincere concern. Many connections were made to meet with people at a later date to help them understand the gravity of the situation.Afterwards, the Spirit spoke to Zev and commanded him to walk into the middle of the parade. The faithful began to pray for him as he was surrounded by thousands. Zev was on fire as he exploded into the crowd and handed out Bibles (with contact information) to as many participants as possible.

Eventually the parade reached the Sheridan-Hilton Beach. It was sickening to watch what was taking place as there were people having gay sex, groups encouraging people to get sex change operations, and gay marriage being promoted. All of this in full view of the children that were in the crowd! It was the pinnacle of rebellion and total disrespect for the God of Israel.

Lord Help Israel! 

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