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Israel’s 70th Year Holocaust Survivors


Time: 0:12 Singing

Time: 3:07 Zev: You are may be asking yourself what is an Israeli Jew an israeli Russian an a group from China doing here, visiting the Holocaust Survivors. You are heroes, you are all heroes and we love you that’s why we are here. My grandfather was also a holocaust Survivor and now I’m going to let Evan give a few words to explain about the Chinese.

Time: 4:15 Evan: Shalom, we are all from China and we are your good friends and we love you just us our fathers and mothers (applause) in our eyes just as Zev mention you are really Heroes, and we are very proud of our older people (—-) our fathers and mothers open our door to welcome all the refugees.

Time: 5:24 Dancing

Time: 6:08 Singing

Time: 7:31 Shofar blowing

Time: 7:38 Singing

Time: 8:38 Testimony: She lives here in Israel 40 years, she came with her mother, her whole life her mother wanted to come to Israel but she never made it but she made it. she never saw in her whole life that gentiles love the Jews, she’s never seen her whole life. It touch her, it touch her heart. Is from God she said is a gift from God.

Time: 9:32 Footage of the event.