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Outreach: Jew is stunned Yeshua’s Name Is in the Tanach (Old Testament)

Messiah of Israel Ministries went out to the streets of Tel Aviv in prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. After a few hours of prayer, Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat began to weep because of the godless lifestyle of the people in the area. People were gambling, getting tattoos, and drinking, running after the world.

Zev’s heart was crying and he asked many if they were happy the way they were living. Some were silent and others said: “It’s none your business.”

Zev with love and compassion explained that God does not permit this kind of behavior of a godless life. Many were convicted and left.

It was clear they were not happy with their lifestyle. Some were asking what God Zev was talking about. Zev replied there is only one God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Praise Yeshua! The door was opened.

Zev began to share the Word of God with many. There was a Jew named Haim who asked Zev: “You look like you’re sharing the Bible in a Christian way. Zev: “What do you mean?”  Haim: “We Jews don’t talk about Messiah and love.” Zev: “Let’s read the Bible together  and examine that idea.” Haim said OK in an angry voice. It was clear he wanted to fight.

However the divine door of truth was opened. Zev opened the Bible to

Psalm 27:1 –

The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; Whom shall I dread?

Zev asked Haim about the Bible saying: “The LORD (YHVH – God) is my Yeshua (“salvation” in Hebrew).” Haim turned red and was unable to speak, unable to move.  Zev: “God loves you so much and He is telling you don’t be afraid.” Suddenly, Haim said: “It can’t be. This name is God?” Zev: “You say He is.”

Zev then opened Isaiah 53Psalm 22, and many more passages in the Bible. Haim was trying to change the conversation many times. He said no Jewish rabbi would ever believe that. Zev: “Have you heard of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri? Haim: “What does he have to do with our debate?” Zev: “We are not debating. God is love. You and I meeting today is not a coincidence. Do you know Rabbi Kaduri believed in Yeshua?” “Impossible,” said Haim, “How dare you spread those lies?” Zev explained to him with a calm and loving voice: “Did we read truth in the Tanach (Old Testament)?” Haim was quiet for awhile.  Zev took out the evangelistic tool, the book, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. Haim looked at the book and suddenly was drawn to it like a magnet. He said: “Let me see what Kaduri says.”

Zev and Haim read many pages about Kaduri and the note Kaduri left: Yeshua is the Messiah. Haim could not believe his eyes. He asked to read Kaduri’s note again and again, carefully examining Kaduri’s handwriting.

At that moment, Haim was stunned. Zev saw that it was time to share the full Gospel with him.

Glory to Yeshua! Haim asked for a copy of the book, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah. Zev also gave him the movie about the book with Hebrew subtitles.

This angry Jew was now hungry for the truth. What an amazing divine appointment! Haim asked where he can continue to know more. Zev told him to join our discipleship program.

We pray for Haim and many to come to salvation available only through Yeshua the Messiah. Amen.

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