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STUNNING! Messianic Prophecy Revealed In Genesis

Shalom. I’m Messianic Rabbi, Zev Porat and welcome to Bible Hebrew Foundation.

In Genesis chapter 5, we find a list of names from Adam to Noah and when we read these names in Hebrew, we can see that it’s a messianic prophecy about Jesus Yeshua, God. In chapter 5:1-32, we find the list on name in this order:

  • Adam
  • Seth
  • Enosh
  • Kenan
  • Mahalalel
  • Jared
  • Enoch
  • Methuselah
  • Lamech
  • Noah

When we examine these lists of names from a biblical Hebrew foundation, we discover a fascinating messianic prophecy. Adam means a man. The literal word for Seth is the word ‘substituted”. Enos is usually rendered as a man, or the human race, or it could also mean people in a plural function. The root word for Enos is very sick or incurable. So in Hebrew, it says an incurable man, or a very sick human race would be the meaning. So far with Adam, Seth and Enos, we have a man substituted, incurable man. Does this fit Yeshua Jesus? Let’s examine the word of God. Here are some scriptures. Yeshua substituting incurable man: Isaiah 53:52nd Corinthians 5:211st Peter 2:24. Our messiah substituted his perfect self for our sin. We were incredible and very sick and through him we are healed.

Now, we look at the word for Kenan and Mahalalel. It could mean possessing or possession. The root word in Hebrew means to erect. Mahalalel means praise of God or shining light is the root word. When He healed us, He possessed the praise of God because He is God. Yeshua Jesus said if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father, I and the Father are one. He also did come to erect a shining light: John 8:12John 1:14Psalms 119:5. So, both possessing the praise of God and to erect a shining light are both correct according to the Hebrew biblical foundation meaning, containing a dual meaning in this context. He came to teach us the word of God, He is the light. We know that the Torah which is God’s instruction is also called the light. In Proverbs 6:23, we see that the law, the Torah is light and life, and its parallels with what Yeshua said about himself in John 8:12. What was Yeshua quoting from? Was there a new testament? No, He was quoting from the Old Testament, because everything in the Old Testament is a shadow of the new. He was quoting from Proverbs 6:23.

Now, let’s have a look at the next two names: Jared and Enoch. Jared means descent, but it comes from the root word ‘to come down’. Enoch means dedicate or to dedicate, and the root word comes from ‘to teach’. So, what it’s really saying when we look at Jared and Enoch, its saying coming down to teach. So, here is what we have so far: a man substituted incurable man and erected a shining light by coming down to teach.

The next name in Matthew (Genesis) 5 is Methuselah. Methuselah in Hebrew means a man of the dart, a shoot of growth or a branch. Isaiah 11:1Isaiah 53:2Jeremiah 23:5Jeremiah 33:15Zachariah 3:8Zachariah 6:12.

That brings us to the last two names: Lamech and Noah. In Hebrew Lamech means powerful. It can also mean in Hebrew mighty youth. Noah means to rest. When this list of names is properly defined according to the biblical Hebrew foundation, the following sentence can be articulated as a messianic prophecy for messiah Yeshua Jesus, God: a man substituted incurable man and erected the shining light of God by coming down to teach. He is the branch, bringing mighty, youthful rest. It also can mean in Hebrew methuselah: his death shall bring judgment, in which case the prophecy can be read as following: a man substituted incurable man and erected the shining light of God by coming down to teach; his death shall bring judgment and mighty rest. We know that only Yeshua Jesus can give us rest; Matthew 11:28. When we read this names in Hebrew context and understand what God is saying to us, it comes to life. Until next time, I messianic Rabbi Zev Porat sending your blessings from Jerusalem, Israel in the mighty name of Jesus Yeshua. Amen.