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Tel Aviv Outreach

After the team of Messiah of Israel Ministries was praying, we went to the city of Tel Aviv. It was a beautiful day and there were many people in the streets. The Holy Spirit led Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat to an Orthodox Jew called David.

Zev said to David: “It’s so beautiful today. God is so good.” David answered: “Amen.” Zev then asked: “Do you read the Bible?” David: “We cannot read the Bible alone. We need an interpretation of the Bible such a Talmud.” Zev: “Who said we cannot read the Bible?” David: “Yes, we need to read rabbinic interpretation, like Talmud.”

Zev explained that God wants us to communicate with Him, and asked David to read the Bible with him to see if it is difficult or not. Zev also told David that we should never do something just because the rabbis told us to. God loves us and wants us to read His Word! David looked at Zev awhile and said: “Wow, I never really thought about it like that. But if we do good deeds, that is what God wants.” Zev: “Is that your promise for salvation?” David: “Yes.” Zev: “No man is made righteous by his good deeds.” David thought about it and said: “We pray and then we are forgiven.” Zev: “Where does it say that in the Word of God?” David: “It’s not in the Bible but it’s in the rabbis’ books because we have no more sacrifices.”

Praise Yeshua! David spoke about sacrifice. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit leads us. At this point in the conversation Zev asked: “Do you think God makes mistakes or changes His Word?” “No,” answered David. Zev: “It is true we don’t have a sanctuary anymore but we have the Word of God and it never changes. The only way that our sins are forgiven is by the blood of Yeshua the Messiah, who shed His blood to pay for our sins.” After David heard the name Yeshua, he said he had to go.

Zev told him to read the Bible and see that we can understand it. After Zev read passages from Psalms 2 and Isaiah 53, Zev explained that the Messiah has already come and died for our sins. Zev turned to the 9th chapter of the book of Daniel and showed David where the prophet predicts the Anointed One (the Messiah) will be killed. David was shocked as he had never seen this.

Praise Yeshua, David wanted to leave now but he had heard the Written Word of God.

Romans 10:17 –

Faith comes from hearing, and the hearing by the Word of God.

Please pray for David who is in desperate need of salvation. The Holy Spirit continued to lead Zev to another man named Yoel who lives in Bnei Brak.

There was an immediate connection because that is where Zev’s grandfather lived. After conversation with Yoel, Zev turned to Genesis 1:26 which reads, “Let Us make man in Our image.” Zev asked Yoel: “Who was God speaking to when He said “Us?” Yoel replied: “He was speaking to angels.” But why would God include angels here because He did not use angels to create man? The point Zev was making was that God is and has always been One God but that He can express Himself in as many ways as He chooses. In Genesis 1:26, the Hebrew word Elohim is the plural form of “El” meaning “God”, showing the plurality of God. God the Father was speaking to His Son the Messiah in this verse because the Messiah was with God and was God before the foundations of the earth. He was also the means by which God His Father created everything, including man. Yoel was very interested in what Zev was saying and they turned to Genesis 19:24 where it says, “Then the Lord rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur and fire from the Lord out of heaven.” This is another example of God speaking about himself! But here God is using the Messiah as the destroyer of wickedness. Praise Yeshua the Creator of all things, another seed was planted and the Gospel was heard. Amen.

Yoel heard the word of God. Praise Yeshua! Zev also shared the Messiah with some men from a sect of Judaism call Bressler. They go all over Israel dancing in the streets and proclaiming Rabbi Nachman as the Messiah. But the question is how many prophecies of the Tanach did Nachman fulfill? None! But it is Yeshua, whose very name means “Salvation” in Hebrew, who fulfilled multiple prophecies. He is now sitting at the right hand of God the Father waiting for His people, the Jewish people, to embrace Him as the Messiah of Israel. Then, and only then, will He return and fulfill the rest of the prophecies. May the people of Israel come to know Him soon and in our time.

Please pray for the Lost Sheep of Israel.

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