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Zev´s Story Part 2

The Bread of Affliction

Zev was born into an ultra-Orthodox family in Israel. By a divine appointment on the Internet in a chat room, Zev met Todd from California who proceeded to explain the Old Testament Scriptures to Zev over a four-year period. At the same time Zev visited 32 Israeli rabbis and asked them to explain the meaning of the Messianic Scriptures. When they were unable to give Zev any logical explanation, he became convinced that Yeshua is the Messiah. After a supernatural visitation, he finally gave Himself completely to the God of Israel.

After the incredible experience I had in the night hearing the voice of God, I was on fire! I wanted to tell everybody. I began from my own family.

I picked up the phone and told my mother. Her response was anguish and fury: “Your father is twisting and turning in his grave because of what you have done! You are blaspheming the name of your family. You are supposed to be a rabbi. You are supposed to continue our tradition. How can you do this to us?” I tried to tell her, “But Mom, it’s in the Jewish Bible. Let me sit with you and I’ll show you. You bring your Bible and I’ll show you that Yeshua is the Messiah. It is He, born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth. This is the Messiah of Israel!” She said, “Go be a missionary! But don’t share with me!” But then she relented and said, “I will talk with you only in the presence of a rabbi.”

She took me to Rabbi Stigletz in Netanya who was a deprogrammer – one that tries to help parents explain to children that have begun to believe in Yeshua, that this is against the Old Testament and against Judaism.

He began by explaining to me that Yeshua Himself did not fully trust God. The proof was that he cried out on the cross, “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

I explained to this rabbi that Yeshua prayed that prayer because as God’s Lamb He took all the sins of the world upon Himself and therefore God who is righteous and pure could not look at Him while He was on the cross.

“Besides,” I said, “Yeshua was quoting the prayer that King David had written in Psalm 22.” It seemed to me the rabbi was taken by surprise. I’m not sure that he even knew this prayer was in the Psalms.

Anyway, the rabbi turned to my mother and said, “He’s brainwashed. He’s finished. I can’t help him.” For two years she wouldn’t talk to me. But you know… a mother’s heart. She finally said she would see me sometimes as long as I wouldn’t talk to her about the Bible.

I had to tell my grandfather who I loved more than you can know. By this time he was very frail. But when I told him that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel, he suddenly stood up, opened the glass cabinet behind him and started to shout, “Goy (gentile)! Traitor! Get out of here!” He started throwing plates at me and hit me in the head. My shirt was torn and my head bloody when I ran out of his home.

I had to go straight to the hospital to get stitches and until today I have a scar on my forehead. But I didn’t feel the physical pain because of the overwhelming pain I felt from my grandfather’s rejection. He was like a father to me.

This was the last time I ever saw him. I had one opportunity to call him but he said, “Deny Yeshua or don’t call.”

I also have a sister whose husband is a rabbi. I had one opportunity to sit down with them and share my faith. After that she and her husband went to the rabbinical court and filed an injunction against me that I must keep 100 meters away from their seven children. The rabbis demanded that I appear before their court. I wrote them a letter saying that I would not appear as I am not under their authority.

Yet it is very sad for me; today if you ask my sister about me, she won’t say that I believe in Messiah Yeshua. She will say that I died. And every six months they renew the injunction against me. I am praying for their salvation.

I have an aunt – my father’s sister – who lives in L.A. six months of the year and in Israel the other half. I was close to her when my family lived in California. She came to visit me. Trying to encourage me she said, “Your family shouldn’t reject you because you are sick. Here are funds for a psychiatrist.” When I said, “No thank you,” she left.

Called In By The Boss

I had been working in a company called Granoflex for fourteen and half years. It was a medical company and by that time I was managing 37 workers. After work, I would share Yeshua with everyone.

The boss had a knitted skullcap which meaning is a traditional Jew. After about a year and 10 months of being a Messianic believer, I received a call from the CEO of the company asking me to come to his office.

He said, “Zev, sit down. I’ve been hearing things about you.” I asked, “What kind of things?” “You’ve been talking about Yeshu (the pronunciation a non-believer uses for Yeshua). You’d better stop this. You’re going to turn this place into a cult!” I said, “First of all, if I’ve been doing anything to jeopardize my job please tell me. I don’t speak about Yeshua at work; I do it after work.” He responded, “I don’t want you to do it.” I said, “Well, Moshe or David talk about football or basketball after work. What’s the difference?” He answered, “You’re brain-washing the people. I won’t allow it, come back in the morning to talk to me.”

I came back the next morning to Rafi’s office and sat down. He looked at me and said, “What’s it going to be?” I looked straight at him and said, “Are you asking me to deny the Lord Yeshua?” He answered, “Yes I am.” I told him that I would never deny the Lord Yeshua. He said, “Then you’re out of here,” and he terminated fourteen and a half years of work just like that in two minutes. He said, “Go to your office, clear your desk, return your car keys. You’re leaving, no compensation, no salary and no pension. That’s it.”

I had been a believer for less than two years and except for my wife, I felt quite alone in my faith. I told my colleagues at work what had happened. They were amazed and sad. They said, “He can’t do this! This isn’t legal. He can’t fire you without compensation and so on! It’s wrong.”

Of course I knew they were right. I left crying and was still crying when I got home to Lin.

Not knowing what to do I prayed for two days. Then the Lord led me to the Scripture, “Vengeance is mine” (Deuteronomy 32:35). I knew right there that God was telling me to leave my boss alone and pray for his salvation.

Looking for a New Job

Now I had a different problem. I started looking for a new job in the field that I knew – management. But I had no resumé, no one to recommend me. The friends I had before I was a believer drifted away from me when I no longer went to the bars with them. Others left me because of my faith in Yeshua.

I went from place to place and submitted my resumé. I wrote that I worked as a manager in another place for fourteen and a half years and was fired for my faith in Yeshua. I added that I would work for free six or seven days to prove myself; if I’m not good, don’t hire me, and don’t pay me. The people would tell me, “No problem. We don’t care what you believe. We’ll call you.” But no one ever called.

Five, six, ten, eleven months went by. One day I read the Scripture: “If a man doesn’t work, he shall not eat.” I understood God was telling me, “If you can’t find the job that you want, if you can’t find a job in management, you take any job, because any job is a blessing.”

So I found a job where no one cared what I believe: I became a dishwasher. The manager was an Arab who hated Jews, and he finally had a Jew under his hand. He shouted to me everyday: “Fast, fast wash.”

Water front Living

Our lease expired, but due to not enough money to continue our rent, so after praying we made a hard decision that we went to buy an old car to put everything inside – and headed for the beach. We put a tent up on the beach, and like my days in the army, we each took three hour guard duty while the other slept – guarding our belongings at night. It wasn’t very safe because of the prostitutes, thieves, drug addicts and drunks walking around.

I took cold showers on the beach in early morning. One day Lin turned to me and said, “You know, we believe in Yeshua. Doesn’t the Bible say that God will take care of us? Doesn’t the Bible say that we are blessed?” I thought about it a little and said, “You know, God has a blessing for us; God has a plan for us. God is not the one who put us here on the beach. God is not the author of evil, but God has allowed it. We will be blessed.”

Preaching on the Beach

One day, I felt the Lord saying, “I never challenged you to preach the Gospel only when you live in a hotel or a penthouse. I told you to preach the Gospel in season and out of season.” So after my dishwashing hours, I would go out on the beach and share the Good News with people.

When I was sharing with a religious man, and out of the blue he slugged me in the eye. Since he was an older man, people who saw the commotion thought I had hit the old man. The police came and handcuffed me while I was trying to explain to them that I’m the one with the black eye. I told the officer I was sharing the Bible with this guy here and he hit me. The police asked him, “Did you hit this man?” He answered, “Yes! He’s a goy (a Gentile)! Get him out of here! He’s a traitor!”

The police turned to me and asked where I live. I told him, “Right here on the beach.” He said, “OK, why don’t you come down with me to the police station right now. This guy has just admitted to assaulting you. Fill out the forms and maybe you can sue this guy. You live on the street; maybe you can get some money out of it.”

I turned to the police officer and said, “God bless this man; he doesn’t know what he was doing. I’m not pressing any charges against him.” The police officer looked at me and said, “You’re crazy!” and left.

So here I am, a Messianic Jew, living on the beach with my wife, working as a dishwasher – and now with a black eye – and still looking for a job.

A visit from the Rabbis

From time to time, I would speak to my mother and wish her “Shabbat Shalom” at the beginning of the Sabbath evening. I was her firstborn and she still appreciated my calling her to wish her a good Sabbath rest.

One Friday evening I called her and said, “Mom, Shabbat Shalom!” She said, “Where are you? You haven’t called me for several weeks!”

I had to tell her, “Mom, we’re living on the beach; we don’t have a home anymore.” My mother said to me, “This is what you deserve! I told you not to believe in that Yeshu guy! This is punishment from God! I warned you about this, and now you have lost everything. You lost your friends, you lost your job, you lost your home, you lost everything!” I said, “Mom, God is going to bless me. God has a blessing for me.” My mother’s response: “Meshuga! Crazy! This is a blessing?” And she hung up on me.

A day later at 11:00 p.m. we were sitting in our tent when seven ultra-Orthodox Jews – most of whom were from the famous anti-Messianic Yad L’Achim organization, together with two other rabbinical political officials whom I recognized from television – came into the tent. I was almost sure they had come to break my legs.

They came up to me and said, “Zev, we are not here to fight with you; we are here to talk with you. You made a mistake, Zev. You are supposed to be a rabbi. We forgive you. Come with us; we’ll put you back in a yeshiva (rabbinical school); we’ll get you a place to live,” and they pulled out a check in shekels – equivalent to $27,000. They said, “Take this and come with us!”

I turned to them and said, “Thank you and may God bless you, but I will never deny the Lord Yeshua!” They spat on me, turned away and cursed our Savior and left.

The following Sabbath, I called my Mom and said Shabbat Shalom, but she said: “We tried to help you but you won’t help yourself.” I realized that was my Mom to sent anti-Messianic Yad L’Achim organization.

Beloved Grandfather passes away and Leaves an Inheritance

When I knew my grandfather pass away, I went to my grandfather’s funeral. I found two security guards on hand – something that is not common at a funeral. When I walked into the Ponowich Cemetery these unusually large guards came up to me and told me I couldn’t attend the funeral.

I protested, “This is my grandfather’s funeral.” They answered, “You are not coming in here; the family says you don’t belong to them any more. You have betrayed your own family. You have backstabbed your people.”

I didn’t want to leave, but these two guys picked me up physically and put me out of the cemetery. It was very difficult for me to be thrown out of my own grandfather’s funeral, and I was crying to the Father to forgive them for they did not know what they were doing.

Soon after, my grandfather’s lawyer contacted me and invited me to his office. Because I was the oldest son of my immediate family, my grandfather left me the part of the inheritance that would have gone to my father who had died some years before.

When I walked into the office, which was also in our Orthodox town of Bnei-Brak, I was shocked. As usual, as a family’s Will, whole family members must be present. But at that moment there were only the lawyer and I. And he said, “Your grandfather left you five million and five hundred thousand shekels (which was about one and half million dollars), and he left you land and a part of the house… (which was over forty million US dollars) on condition that you sign right here that you don’t believe in Yeshua.”

I knew that was a huge attempt. I said, “I won’t do it. I will never deny Yeshua.” The lawyer looked at me and said, “Nobody’s here, just sign the paper, take all the money and do what you want.”

I turned to the lawyer and said, “God is here.”

He said, “If you don’t sign this paper, that money will be transferred to your family.”

I answered, “If that’s God’s will, so be it, but tell them Yeshua gave them the money!” And I left.

I was praying for the salvation of Israel, and very specifically for the rest of my family.

A Visitor at the Garden Tomb

The next day I took a bus to Jerusalem and went to the Garden Tomb. I just sat there praying and crying, praying and crying. Usually, I have my Hebrew Bible with me, but this time I had taken the English Bible that Todd had sent me from California – a study Bible. There was no indication that I was a Messianic Jew.

As I was sitting in the garden with my English Bible, a man from Australia walked up to me and asked, “Are you a Messianic Jew?” Zev: “I am. Yes I am.” He said, “The Holy Spirit just told me to come and talk and pray with you.” I told him why I had a black eye and what my situation was. I shared everything and we both broke into tears.

He looked at me and said, “The Lord Yeshua is going to bless you. The Lord Yeshua is going to bless you!” We exchanged Email addresses and phone numbers. I shook his hand and left.

Seven days supernatural blessings from Heaven

Three days later I received a phone call from an insurance company; they said they had been looking for me for some time. “We have a check for 48,000 shekels (about $13,000) that has actually been sitting here for 10 years and belongs to you. I knew that was from Heaven.

That same day Lin and I got the money and in that evening, believe it or not, we found an apartment for rent.

The very next day, we got another phone call from the family where my wife was working, doing banquets. Their father had left for the States and he left a bonus for Lin of $14,000. Incredible, anti-Messianic Yad L’Achim organization tried to buy us with money and position, now our Lord Yeshua blessed us.

The next day we both had the same dream from the Lord. We understood we need to sow a tithe, so we went into the Garden Tomb ministry to sow the tithe by faith in Jerusalem.
Next day – another phone call. The person said, “Mr. Porat you were here looking for a job.” (I had applied there eleven months ago) “Are you still looking for a job?” “Yes!” I told him. It was from the Ministry of Defense, working for the army. It was a very good job in management.

We got another phone call from a Messianic believer, who met the man from Australia, invited us to worship the Lord together.

Within seven days God gave us finances, a place to live and a great job – blessing after blessing! Praise the Lord Yeshua.

Seven month late, the Lord Yeshua told me to leave the Job and called me full time Ministry. I put step on faith and began to serve the Lord.

My calling is to share Yeshua everywhere: street Evangelism, in the synagogue, in the mosque, in the houses, on the roofs, on the internet media…

We visit Holocaust survivors, Aliya in Israel, blessing them with basic necessities and the full Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah. We have discipleship programs and so on.

Praise the Lord. Most of all, Lin and I have found the Pearl of great price.